interplan’s Strengths

Proven track record of development

We offer the expertise and technical strengths we have built up in electronic development in a range of industries from amusement devices to industrial machinery.

Total support

Product planning, manufacturing and project management
We offer support for the entire product development process starting with the initial planning to commercialization.
We are also able to provide overall project management if required.

Precise support

Objective judgment based on staunch independence
interplan is not owned by any parent company; we are a completely independent “fabless” enterprise,
and that means we are able to pursue your interests with the pragmatism of a neutral party.

Extensive network of partners in Japan and around the world

Backed by a network of more than a hundred companies specializing in a wide variety of sectors,
we are able to find the optimal solutions for your most challenging needs.

Business Activities

Development, design and manufacture of electronic equipment

  • Electronic circuit hardware
    (e.g., microcomputers, digital and analog devices, power sources, charge control, wireless communication)
  • Microcomputer firmware
  • Programmable logic IC software
  • Application software for PC, Android and iOS
  • Printed circuit board artwork
  • Prototype production and evaluation
  • Design and production of tools and jigs for manufacturing

Mechanical design

  • Mechanism design
    E.g., gears, springs, cams, links, racks and pinions
  • Chassis and structure design
    E.g., industrial design, design sketching, 3D modeling, 3D rendering,
    rapid prototyping, injection molding, name plates


  • Manual planning, production and graphic design available from the initial specification stage
  • Product package planning, production and design

Design, manufacturing and sale of car accessories

We leverage our technological strengths in electrical equipment design and
commercialization to produce a line-up of car accessories under our own brand.