Our company name, interplan, comes from the word “interplanetary,” and communicates our desire to break through boundaries and pursue further achievement.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but we all concentrate best and our eyes shine brightest when doing things we are good at. From the time of interplan’s inception, we have sought to create extensive networks that cross boundaries – corporate, national, and perhaps one day that of the Earth itself. We believe that things that one person or one company may struggle to achieve are more appropriately and quickly resolved if tackled by multiple people who are skilled in that particular job. Fortunately interplan has thrived as a result of the cooperation of our reliable business partners. Our greatest strength is our steadfast network made stronger and more reliable through various works, which not only includes expert partners in all relevant fields, but also external specialists that were once our clients and rivals. Globalization and increasingly diverse values mean that yesterday’s solutions are not necessarily right for today’s needs. So why not tell us what you’re good at and create new values with us as part of our “interplanetary” network?

Jun Ozawa Representative Director and President