Since Intel announced the 4-bit microcomputer i4004 in 1971, the microcomputer has been built into almost all electric goods, and it has become a product with the indispensable thing now. Interplan has been engaged in development of the system using the inclusion microcomputer which can be said also as the core of these electric goods since foundation in 1985.Taking advantage of this abundant experience, I support all the processes of a design, development, and manufacture.

  • 1985 - 1989
    Various test programs for LSI testers
  • 1992
    One board microcomputer
    Zilog社 Z80 コア ASSP
  • 1999
    Skin & Scalp sensor
  • 2004
    Electric wire action measuring device
  • 2006
    CAN バスアダプターキット
    CAN bus adapter
  • 2009
    TV canceller for imported car
  • 2010
    The portable color sensor
  • 2011
    Wireless temperature sensor
  • 2011
    Wi-Fiストリーミングハンディ Android ターミナル
    The small Wi-Fi streaming Android terminal
  • 2012
    業務用 Android タブレット
    Android tablet for business use
  • Design・Development:Design・Development
  • Sale:Sale
  • Manufacture:Manufacture
1985~1989Design・DevelopmentVarious test programs for LSI testers.
1985~1989Design・Developmentspin process controller for LCD manufacturing equipment
1990Design・DevelopmentFDD system for LSI testers
1991Design・Developmentsystem controller for in-vehicle navigation system
1992Design・Developmenthardware and software for RF tag sensing system and cafeteria system.
1992Design・Developmentone board microcomputer "A Series".
1993Design・DevelopmentCAD data conversion software for a PCB design.
1994Design・Developmentgraphical-data-compression extension board for personal computers "ICD550 series".
1994Design・Developmentprober software for large-sized TFT-liquid-crystal inspection.
1994Design・DevelopmentSalenickel hydoride batteries boost charge machine "FRC-601".
1995Design・Developmentboard for IC CL480 evaluation for video extension (MPEG) "CV480EV"
1995Design・DevelopmentSalenickel hydoride batteries conditioner "FAD-701".
1995Design・Developmentdisplay and interface for river level counting system.
1996Design・DevelopmentSalePersonal computer speaker demo system "RMSW-1".
1996Design・Developmentspecial boost charge machine for motor bicycle race computers.
1996Design・DevelopmentJPEG processing unit inside satellite broadcast receiving system.
1996Design・Developmentgraphical display unit for alpha wave measurement system.
1996Design・DevelopmentSalenickel hydoride batteries boost charge machine "FRC-6421".
1996~1997Design・Developmentboost charge machine for mobile phone and handy terminals.
1996~1997Design・Developmentbattery pack for mobile phone.
1997Design・Developmentconnection adapter for earthquake information network.
1997Design・DevelopmentHDLC communication adapter.
1998Design・Developmentmobile phone charge module.
1998Design・Developmentmobile phone shortening dial 11-figure change tool.
1999Design・Developmentcosmetics apparatus microscope" Skin & Scalp sensor".
2000Design・Developmentmemory dial transmission equipment for mobile phones.
2000Design・DevelopmentManufactureMIDI sound source development tool for ringtone etc.
2001Design・DevelopmentManufactureserial interface conversion cable for mobile phones.
2001Design・DevelopmentManufacturehardware & software for air pressure massaging-tools control device for cosmetics healthy.
2001Design・DevelopmentManufactureROM verification machine for amusement apparatus.
2001Design・Developmentmobile skin checker for cosmetics healthy apparatus.
2002Design・DevelopmentManufactureremote controller for medical eye test equipment.
2002Design・Developmentpedometer adapter skin checker for mobile phones.
2002Design・DevelopmentManufactureUSB conversion adapter for mobile phones.
2002Design・DevelopmentManufacturememory dial transmission equipment for business use.
2003Design・DevelopmentThe amount supervising system of oil using CCD.
2003Design・DevelopmentManufactureskin diagnostic system controller.
2003Design・DevelopmentManufacturekeyboard for auction terminals.
2003Design・DevelopmentManufacturewhite LED light source for magnifying glasses.
2003Design・Developmentradio temperature sensor system.
2004Design・DevelopmentRFID reader & writer.
2004Design・Developmentcontrol board for multi-channel light controller.
2004Design・DevelopmentAISG antenna controller.
2004Design・Developmentelectric wire action measuring device.
2004Design・Developmentin-vehicle handsfree adapter.
2005Design・Developmentremote key controller for vending machines.
2005Design・Developmentbluetooth adapter for mobile phones.
2006Design・DevelopmentIC card with electronic paper.
2006Design・Developmentsecurity camera system for vending machines.
2006Design・DevelopmentManufactureCAN bus adapter "CCA-101".
2006~2007Design・DevelopmentManufacturein-vehicle handsfree conversion adapter.
2007Design・Developmentelectric wire action measuring device using new oscillating sensor.
2007Design・Developmentantenna board for RFID systems.
2007Design・Developmentflame sensor for business use.
2007Design・Developmentfalse fire outbreak tool for business use.
2009Design・DevelopmentSaleTV canceler for imported cars "CTC-101/102/201/202".
2009Design・DevelopmentSalevideo modulator "CRM-101".
2010Design・DevelopmentSaleTV canceler for domestic cars "CTC-301".
2010Design・DevelopmentSaleRCA filter "RCAF"
2010Design・DevelopmentSaleilluminations adapter "ILM-1A".
2010Design・DevelopmentManufactureThe house energy indication
2010Design・DevelopmentManufactureA portable color sensor
2011Design・DevelopmentSaleAccessories adapter "ACC-2A".
2011Design・DevelopmentSaleThe battery assistant unit "BAU-25A".
2011Design・DevelopmentSaleAUX adapter for Mercedes-Benz "CAU-MB1".
2011Design・DevelopmentSaleCAN bus adapter "CCA-201".
2011Design・DevelopmentSalefunction adapter kit "CCA-301".
2011Design・DevelopmentSalebattery assistant unit "BAU-35A".
2011Design・DevelopmentSaleremote control cable "CTC-203".
2011Design・DevelopmentManufactureradio temperature sensor system.
2011Design・DevelopmentManufactureThe small Wi-Fi streaming Android board
2012Design・DevelopmentSaleAndroid tablet made-to-order
2012Design・DevelopmentAndroid application for business use.
2013Design・DevelopmentSaleAUX adapter for Mercedes-Benz "CAU-MB2".
2013Design・DevelopmentSaleidling stop reverser "ISR-01".
2013Design・DevelopmentSaleFM radio converter "FMC-80".
2014Design・DevelopmentSale315MHz band wireless transmitter module "IM315TX".
2014Design・DevelopmentSale315MHz band wireless receiver module "IM315RX".
2014Design・DevelopmentSaleauto light converter for Mercedes-Benz "BAC-01".
2014Design・DevelopmentSaledaylight controller for Mercedes-Benz "BDC-01".
2014Design・DevelopmentSaleidling stop reverser for Mercedes-Benz "ISR-02".
2014Design・DevelopmentSale315MHz band wireless transmitter and receiver module "IM315TRX".
2014Design・DevelopmentSale920MHz band wireless transmitter and receiver module "IM920".
2014Design・DevelopmentManufactureMulti functions wearable electronic equipment.
2014Design・DevelopmentSale920MHz band wireless transmitter and receiver module(external antenna type) "IM920XT".
2015Design・DevelopmentManufactureHandy Wi-Fi streaming Android terminal.
2015Design・DevelopmentSaleIM Wireless shield(Arduino UNO R3) "IM315-SHLD-TX","IM315-SHLD-RX".
2015Design・DevelopmentSale920MHz band wireless transmitter and receiver module(compact type) "IM920c".
2015Design・DevelopmentSaleBluetooth Low Energy wireless module "IMBLE".
2015Design・DevelopmentSaleFM Transmitter "FMT-01".
2016Design・DevelopmentSaleFM Transmitter "FMT-01Ⅱ".
2016Design・DevelopmentSaleDigital TV Splitter for Mercedes-Benz "DTVS-01".
2017Design・DevelopmentSale920MHz band wireless transmitter and receiver module(external antenna type) "IM920XS".
2017Design・DevelopmentSale920MHz band wireless transmitter and receiver module(external antenna and waterproof type) "IM920XW/XL".
2017Design・DevelopmentManufactureElectronic lock system for apartment.
2017Design・DevelopmentManufactureWireless notification system for care facility.
2017Design・DevelopmentVoice recognition system.
2017Design・DevelopmentSaleDiversity Unit "IM920-DIV".
2017Design・DevelopmentSaleWireless Relay Board "IM315-RYRX".
2017Design・DevelopmentSaleIoT Bridge "IX920-3G".
2017Design・DevelopmentSaleTV canceler for imported cars "CTC-102Ⅱ TypeM".
2018Design・DevelopmentSale920MHz band multi hop wireless transmitter and receiver module "IM920s".
2014Design・DevelopmentSale920MHz band multi hop wireless transmitter and receiver module(external antenna type) "IM920s-XT".
2018Design・DevelopmentSale920MHz band multi hop wireless transmitter and receiver module(external antenna type) "IM920s-XS".
2018Design・DevelopmentSale920MHz multi hop band wireless transmitter and receiver module(external antenna and waterproof type) "IM920s-XW/XL".
2019Design・DevelopmentSaleWireless module HAT for Raspberry Pi "IM920-HAT".